Note from a Co-Creator: Texas Smith
All this started with a whimper–not a bang. A couple of friends, Emma Thatcher, Allyson Womack, and I, were just tired of waiting, so we made a beat outline and just started dreaming. This led to "Fletcher," an improvised romance that we filmed in a day and a half in January 2020.
Of course, we had no idea what was about to come, so as we survived through the last couple of years– almost as a baseline for our sanity –we'd get back together and see what these characters were up to.
Parts of this love story have screened at small, regional festivals, but now three years in, we've realized we're devising a DIY feature film with a motley crew of Chicago's finest... basically anyone willing to donate a day for a sandwich and a few laughs.
notable credits
Directed by. Evelyn Landow
Director of Photography. Adithya Rajan
Featuring. Carly Schirber, Texas Smith & Allyson Womack
Produced by. Emma Thatcher
Music by. Details