Photo by: Matt Geerling

Note from the Director: Connor Allen Smith
2020 was terrible. This isn't a radical statement. Though, I've been fortunate & privileged to be only inconvenienced by the pandemic. Inside these inconveniences though, they could feel cataclysmic–especially within relationships. Feeling my back against a wall, I did what a filmmaker does: make a film. "Self Portrait," inspired by Hong Sang-Soo's roman à clef work, looks to provide a snapshot of the ups-and-downs as Time moves through a young Chicago couple in 2020.​​​​​​​
Stay tuned for our 
World Premiere in 2021!
notable credits
Written by. Texas Smith
Featuring. Tania Córdova
Director of Photography. Ross Gehm
Produced by. Camera Ambassador
Music by. Evelyn Landow
Title Sequence by. Nora Molinaro