After premiering Fletcher (the first in this ongoing series) at Arkansas: Filmland 2020, Cortland is having its World Premiere at Jeff Nichols' 2021 festival. Watch the trailer (below), then stream the film through the 29th here.

Photo Courtesy of Thatcher Portraits 

Note from the Director: Emma Thatcher
I am very interested in the episodic structure of modern storytelling. Some of my favorite movies and television shows are novelistic in how they follow characters' lives over a longer period of time. Cortland was my exploration of the format of a sequel, but not in the big blockbuster superhero universe fashion. Instead, I wanted to explore the consequences and lingering feelings that happen a year after a one-night stand.
Emma has dedicated 'Fletcher' & 'Cortland' to Lynn Shelton
notable credits
Directed by. Emma Thatcher
Director of Photography. Conor Cunningham
Featuring. Connor Allen Smith & Allyson Womack
Produced by. Evelyn Landow
Music by. Details