By way of Chicago & Fayetteville (AR), we’re a boutique Ozark production company telling small, empathetic stories. We've screened across the States (at Academy Qualifying festivals like Seattle International & deadCenter and Geena Davis' Bentonville Film Festival). Tone? Think Jonathan Demme & Kore-eda sitting on a porch, chatting, watching a Rohmer movie together, or at least that's what we were thinking about when the few of us established in late 2019.

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"In its delicately nuanced storytelling, sublime performances and keen understanding of human nature, this 19-minute marvel affirms that its writer/director Emma Thatcher is a force to be reckoned with. Like [Lynn] Shelton's best work, 'Fletcher' will inspire audiences to look deeply within themselves while re-examining their own approach to relationships and intimacy."
-Matt Fagerholm, Assistant Editor & Indie Outlook

Fletcher (2020)

Self Portrait (2021)

"Connor Allen Smith's 'Phosphorescence' effortlessly navigates the space between abstraction and humanity to create a world that feels altogether challenging and familiar. Grounded by the performances of Allyson Womack and Amy Carpenter, we share in a story about memory, friendship, and trying to hold onto those moments in our life that bring us the most joy and the most pain. Anything to just get that feeling back. Smith's sense of visual literacy and cinematic movement presents not only a searing short film to gaze at in the present, but an exciting look at what stories he may have in store for us in the future."
-Ben Kaye, Looper Contributor & Movie: the Musical