Materials: Super8 with portions of hi8 & 16mm

Photo by: Davea Holmes

Note from the Director: Texas Smith
"Make A Memory" is a love letter to my fellow DIY contemporary (Evelyn Landow), her father, & their relationship. Evelyn has spent years archiving home videos. 
After recording two albums with her father during the pandemic, we sourced that footage and glue-sticked, spray-painted, & stapled a fantastical world to commemorate this playful love & memories that have remained amid time's persistent tides. We specifically shot on Super8 because that's the very fabric so many childhoods were captured on.​​​​​​​
notable credits
Directed by. Texas Smith
Featuring. Evelyn & Tony Landow
Director of Photography. Andrew Skalak
Produced by. Connor Allen Smith, Evelyn Landow, Chimika Rudy, C. Ryan Stemple
Music by. 'Evelyn & Tony'
Puppets by. Ben Kaye