By way of Chicago, we’re an Indie Ozark production company looking to tell small, empathetic stories. Think Jonathan Demme & Kore-eda sitting on a porch, chatting, watching a Rohmer movie together, or at least that's what we're thinking about...

Check out some of our recent work:
Self Portrait

Over the course of a day, Time moves through a young couple as everyday matters of cohabitating in 2020 Chicago persist.
World Premiering at Bentonville Film Festival this August

A bereaved woman utilizes near-future tech, in an attempt to recall the comfort of a mundane memory with a recently lost loved one.​​​​​​​
Official Selection at Filmland: Arkansas & Fayetteville Film Fest

A pair of Chicagoans meet-cute one chilly evening leading to an all-night affair and a quaint morning after... well mostly quaint 💕
Official Selection at Filmland: Arkansas & Critic's Choice at Cinema Femme
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