Note from the Director: Evelyn Landow
I'm thrilled to take the helm of 'Argyle' after editing its predecessors ('Fletcher' and 'Cortland'). I strived to continue the series faithfully while infusing the process and product with my sensibilities. True to form, 'Argyle' features improvised dialogue and collaborative storytelling influenced heavily by the actors Texas Smith, Allyson Womack, and Carly Schirber. One new element is that of surprise–Carly's entrance into the film was planned, but when she occurred without warning Texas and Allyson capturing their candid reactions.
After reviewing the take with the cast and crew, we decided to use it in the final cut. Adding a third character paralleled my entrance into the group dynamic, shaking up the established relationship between characters John and Skyler and leading the series in an unexpected new direction.​​​​​​​
notable credits
Directed by. Evelyn Landow
Director of Photography. Adithya Rajan
Featuring. Carly Schirber, Texas Smith & Allyson Womack
Produced by. Emma Thatcher
Music by. Details